White Teachers Perceptions Of Black Students

A new study shows how teachers evaluate students based on their race.

The study involved teachers of different race to evaluate the students’ chances of dropping out of school. The analyzed results gave a clear picture of how poorly white teachers think of black students.

The teachers’ evaluations were presented on a bar chart which indicated that the expectation of a white student to drop out from high school was least (less than 1 percent). Teachers of other races also evaluated white students to have less chances of dropping out of school.

In contrast, the white teachers’ expectations of black students becoming drop out were highest. The bar chat indicated that black students only in 37-percent cases are believed to complete the university.

There is a wrong perception white teachers have about black students that they are gangsters with very bad behavior and have a high possibility to end up in prison.

When teachers have negative views of their students, it limits them from seeing the students’ full potentials. Hence, they consider them as bad students and that affects those students in the long run.

The study, in conclusion, suggested that to avoid teacher expectations that will affect student outcomes, more teachers of diverse race should be employed in educational institutions.

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