White Cops Brutalize Black Man For Listening To Music

Police officers in Mississippi violently attacked a black man, Patrick Newbern, while he was in his car listening to music.

In a video posted on Facebook by witness one of the officers said, “Get his ass out of the car.” A few seconds later, Newbern was dragged out of his car and was thrown on the ground.

“I ain’t resisting bro!”, Newbern screamed in agony while he was tortured. The Cops tased him twice at his back, pepper sprayed and handcuffed him.

According to reports, Newbern said he was never given a chance to get out of his car. “When you ask me to get out the car, you open up the door snatching me out the car without letting me get out my seat belt. How can I get out the car in my seat belt?”, he said.

The Mississippi County NAACP has requested for an investigation into the police violent actions on the African-American. Those officers should be charged for aggressive arrest of an unarmed black man.

Here we are, listening to music while black now is above the law. The list of police racial profiling and brutality against black people grows day by day and soon even breathing while black will become a crime here in US.

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