Newark Schools Alarmed By Lead Findings

More schools are lining up to be tested for lead findings after last Thursday’s discoveries.

A number of schools in New Jersey have filed up to be tested for lead levels in their water sources after the Newark school district disclosed reports about high lead levels last Thursday.

The New York Times reported that a group of other schools tested positive for high lead levels after New Jersey’s Newark schools, raising concerns about the possible impending havoc.

Out of 324 samples, taken to be tested, 76 samples were discovered to be above the agency’s action level.  5% of these lead samples were found in water sources meant for drinking, as more contaminated samples were found in water for hand washing purposes and cleaning.

However, parents of Newark Legacy Charter School and the Paulo Freire Charter Schools, claimed they were not noticed about the lead findings. Thirty schools have already put in place measures to correct the  lead discoveries.

Concerned citizens are already finger-pointing politicians for the current lead levels in New Jersey, comparing it to the Flint and Michigan water crises. The government makes no effort to take care of densely black populated districts. From dirty water, to polluted atmosphere and filty environments, Black lives face a lot of challenges and now Newark, New Jersey is next to face environmental problems.

However, Superintendent Chris Cerf, who is also the former New Jersey Education Commissioner said that an additional 37 schools will be tested and that any school that showed high lead levels, according to the federal limit, will be cut-off from drinking water.

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