City Of Flint Vs State Of Michigan

The city of Flint prepares to sue Michigan for poisoning its residents with lead contaminated water.

The State of Michigan has received a notice of intent-to-sue from the city of Flint over what it is calling the “grossly negligent oversight” by the State’s Department of Environmental Quality, whose decision not to require corrosion control chemicals led to the lead contamination of the city’s drinking water and “irreversible” damage to its municipal infrastructure, the Detroit Free Press reports.

In the notice of intent, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver asserted that the city’s April 2014 switch of drinking water source to the Flint River was carried out in compliance with the DEQ authorization and directions, which the city later learned were “contrary to applicable EPA laws and regulations.”

Weaver cited that as a result of the state’s decisions, the city “has suffered” or “will suffer” damage to its municipal water distribution system, emergency response costs, medical claims, reduced property values, and reputational damage, and more.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration has cautioned that the imminent lawsuit, which caught them off guard, could be detrimental to ongoing efforts to resolve the crisis.

However, Flint city attorney Stacy Erwin Oakes said that the city does not intent to sever relations with the state over the crisis adding that the move was vital for the protection of taxpayers in the city.

“All people have determined it wasn’t the fault of the residents of the city of Flint, therefore they should not have to pay the bill,” Oakes told The Detroit News. “It is our intent to continue to work with the state, the governor.”

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mount Pleasant, has blasted the move as “a reckless lawsuit” that “could potentially blow up the state’s checkbook and undermine everything we’ve done for the city.”

Gov. Snyder, who has been getting thumbs-up from his delusional Republican friends, has showed no sign of taking any responsibilities for what many people have called the “deliberate poisoning of Flint’s predominantly black residents.”

The people of Flint have been intoxicated by Gov. Snyder et al., not just with lead contaminated water, but with lies as well.

Therefore they deserve answers! And someone needs to be held responsible for all the damages they have suffered.

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