Boston Red Sox Sued For Discrimination

A black Boston firefighter has filed a lawsuit against Red Sox for being racially discriminated against in his line of work.

Robert C. Cox, 50, an African American Boston firefighter is suing the Red Sox for being discriminated against and denied entrance to Fenway Park, where he was scheduled to make a safety inspection in 2013.

The Boston Globe reports that Cox is seeking unspecified damages in a civil complaint, which was filed this week.

According to the court filing, the incident occurred when Cox and Rhoan J. Dalmar, who are black, and their colleague, Ronald A. Ingemi, who is white, arrived at Fenway during a World Series game on October 23, 2013, to perform an inspection.

A Fenway security guard at the left field detained Cox and Dalmar and demanded they present additional identification, while their white colleague was allowed access “without an issue”, the court filing said.

Cox reportedly asked multiple times “why their credentials were being questioned when their colleague was allowed to enter only seconds earlier without even having to flash his city badge.”

However, this only worsened the conflict between the black firefighters and the unnamed security guard, resulting into Cox’s eviction from the ballpark by Boston police.

According to court records, Cox says he was “very emotional as a result of the encounter and has undergone therapy as a result of the humiliating treatment he received.”

The Globe reports that Cox’s allegations were buttressed by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which found last year that there was “probable cause existed to support [Cox’s] allegations.”

There has been no comment on the lawsuit from John Henry, the owner of Boston Red Sox.

While many think of firefighters as heroes, the plight of these patriotic men gives rise to questions as to whether black men risking their lives to protect American lives and properties are regarded as such.

America’s institutionalized racism is not just a tool against the common black man killed while walking on the streets with skittles in his hands, or the woman harassed by a State Trooper as she was in a hurry to a job interview; it is and has always been a way to subdue and humiliate all African Americans, who dare to break the shackles of poverty and mental slavery.

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