Why’s Your Business Not Growing Mrs. Black?

I simply don`t have the resources to get where you are Mrs. White.

As a black woman, I can tell you that competing is one thing and surviving is another. Because of the color of my skin, I am limited in all that I do. I experience racial segregation which causes systematic economic disadvantages for me. I have to work twice harder as you do to be at the same level as you are.

Even though I triple my efforts to see my small business grow, there are still obstacles that make the competition very difficult for me.

I come from a poor background and my earnings are very low. The budget I need to start the business is nowhere to be found. When I ask for a loan in your banks, I get rejected. Even if I got it, the interest rates would noticeable higher than for white people.

A congressional study shows that as an African-American, I am less likely to borrow money to start up a business than Hispanic or Asian entrepreneurs.

To start a good business, one has to not just buy products or expand his or her facilities but also to invest in the human resource. No experience in a family business also affects me bad in growing my business.

What then should I do to be able to invest like you?

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