Chicagoans Plan Protests Across City Friday

Chicago Teachers are embarking on one-day teachers’ strike on Friday, April 1.

A one-day teachers’ strike will be held by the Chicago Teachers Union, April 1 at the James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph Street. Apparently, it’s not going to be a trike for teachers alone but other groups and organizations are teaming up with the Teachers Union.

The Teachers Union has been dealing with a negotiation to pen down a new contract since the district’s midyear budget cuts and a reduction in pension salaries. DNAinfo say that teachers will assemble at their various school premises Friday morning before protesting with local colleges and meeting at the Thompson Center with a march.

DNAinfo reported that this march will be joined by Black Lives Matter activists, as they protest for closing the State’s juvenile jails at the Illinois Youth Centre on the New West Side. Alongside will be the food venders; protesting against the higher minimum wage in front of a North Park McDonald’s. The Hispanic groups are also joining the march with symbolization of the perceived “school to prison pipeline” in racial communities.

Following the trend of getting justice done in America for some months past, protest and strike have become a strong tool; hence we look forward for a hearing in today’s “strike march.” The high cost of living in Chicago presently has overshadowed citizens. It’s hard to find a group of minorities or poor people, who have lived well. This is a hard situation to digest when it comes to the black community, because most of them live under minimum wage salary and face discrimination on a daily basis.

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