Discrimination: Prosecutor Exempts Black Jurors From Performing Their Civic Responsibility

Texas prosecutor exposes his boss for luring him to exclude black jurors from trials.

A southeast Texas prosecutor said his boss advised him to exempt Black people from jury trials, even though the Supreme Court has ruled against such practice.

American criminal justice system has always been known for some bias when it comes to dealing with blacks. The Supreme Court has passed a judgment against racial prejudice in jury selections, but prosecutors maneuver their ways to estrange Black people from jury trials.

According to Nathan Wood, Wharton County Assistant District Attorney, he received a word from his boss Ross Kurtz, to exclude Black jurors, on the notion that it will prevent them from winning cases.

“I was not ‘instructed’ to strike black jurors so much as I was advised or encouraged to do so as a matter of trial strategy,” Wood said. “Whatever the true intentions behind the statements made in our office, they made me feel uncomfortable, and I shared that discomfort with a friend.”

Such illegal practices used by individuals elected to uphold the law and represent the people make a perfect recipe for wrongful convictions and incarcerations of innocent black folks.

The prosecution criteria followed by District Attorneys like Kurtz in cases they have prosecuted in the past should be probed microscopically to ensure there was no miscarriage of justice.

Thanks to Kurtz and his law-bending cronies, many innocent black men and women are behind bars serving long prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.

This is another confirmation that the justice system discriminates and uses offensive and dubious reasons to jail black defendants.

But the time has come for black folks all over America to stand up to the unjust practices, in which the broken American Criminal Justice system has been buried.

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