A Black Teenager Was Fatally Shot On The Metro Platform While He Was With His Family

15-year-old Davonte Washington was shot and killed on the platform of the Deanwood Metro station in Northeast Washington, D.C.

The shooting incident occurred on Saturday in broad daylight while Davonte was with his mother and two younger sisters at the Deanwood Metro station on his way to get a haircut for Easter.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department district commander, an unidentified gunman approached Davonte and tried to pick a fight with him. After a short argument, the gunman pulled out his gun and fired at Davonte. Davonte was rushed to Prince George’s County Hospital Center where he later died.

According to his family, Davonte, who had come from Maryland to visit his mum, was known to be a quite young boy who didn’t party or do any drugs, and there was no way he could have had a problem with anyone in that neighborhood who would want to shoot him.

This shooting “just doesn’t make any sense”, said Leonard, Davonte’s grandfather.

During an interview after the shooting incident witnesses around said they didn’t feel safe in the neighborhood at all, though the cops are claiming they are there to protect the citizens.

These cops consider some lives more important than the other and these ‘white’ lives that matter so much are always protected at any cost. To them, black lives matter less or not at all and therefore can be easily lost or exposed to risk with no concern at all. Sadly enough, these killings are sometimes not treated with the level of seriousness they deserve.

Cops are just revenue generators. They only arrive after one has been robbed, raped or killed, if they ever show up at all. Cops are always in time to shoot a black person but are never in time to save a black life.

Black lives matter and therefore should be protected.

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