The New Black Panther Party: What They Stand for And Why You Should Join As A Black American

All power to the people: you can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution.

The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPP) is a U.S.-based black political organization founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1989. According to an Anti-Defamation League report: “Much of the NBPP’s ideology derives from the notion that African-Americans continue to suffer as a result of a racist white power structure that has oppressed them politically and economically since slavery…” Another inspiration that affected the name was the fact that Black Panther Party supported the radical defense of the Black people. It is currently led by Hashim Nzinga. Malik Zulu Shabazz announced on an October 14, 2013 online radio broadcast that he was stepping down and that Nzinga, then national chief of staff, would replace him.  In April 2010, Malik Zulu Shabazz appointed French Black leader Stellio Capo Chichi as the representative of the movement in France. Capo Chichi has been holding the position of head of the francophone branch of NBPP.


The sole purpose of a Panther is to be a Revolutionary in the Black/African People’s liberation struggle, and to mobilize the masses towards self-determination. These are the main objectives:

  • to develop Black power movement
  • to develop Black power through education
  • to develop and defend Black economic power
  • to develop and defend black political power
  • to develop and enforce accountability in law enforcement and the criminal justice system
  • to develop and defend Black youth
  • to reclaim and develop black neighborhoods
  • to defend black rights in general

Now, why should you join this inspiring movement? First of all, they stand for the safety of all Black people, hence the name NBPP for self-defense. Here are some reasons:

  • We want freedom.  We want the power to practice self-determination, and to determine the destiny of our community and THE BLACK NATION.
  • We want full employment for our people and we demand the dignity to do for ourselves what we have begged the white man to do for us.
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