Painting Depicting Police Brutality Will Be Removed From A Public Building

A stupendous artwork done by a high school student showing a police officer shooting a black kid will be taken off a wall in Denver.

The painting was a part of an art collection displayed by a public school in Denver. It detailed a Cop, dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), pointing a gun at a poor black teenager dressed in a hoodie with his hands raised up.  The boy must be saying, “Please don’t shot”.

Local police probably decided that the painting was truly revealing their barbarous actions against Blacks, and so they got offended and asked officials to remove the painting from the building.

“I’m greatly concerned about how this painting portrays the police,” said Robert White, Head of Denver’s Police Department. “I look forward to having a conversation with the student and her parents.”

They called the painting a “hate art” but it portrays exactly their unjustified actions on African-Americans or people of color.

We claim to be a Democratic America but what really is democracy? Is it a dialogue between the government and its nation? If the government is doing everything to shut its people up, where is the place for democracy? Where is the freedom of the citizens?

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