Classrooms Should Be Modeled After Gangs, Teacher Says

A Professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College says, he has his own way of making poor black children interested in school.

Cristopher Emdin, a black professor, says getting black poor kids interested in school involves treating his classrooms more like gangs. Emdin explained further how gangs give their members true responsibilities and make their members feel like they’re part of a family. They give members a sense of being valuable in their community.

“I want that same type of energy in the classroom,” Emdin said. “I want kids to feel like they are responsible for each other’s learning, that they have their own special handshake. I want them to feel like they have their own special name. I want them to feel like the classroom wouldn’t run or operate without them.”

Professor Emdin spent years as a K-12 science and math teacher in underprivileged areas. He says, his method and practice of teaching involves using hip hop battles to allow students free their minds in dialogue, respecting their views and celebrate their cultures.

Emdin coupled the experiences he had in his youthful days about his teachers and his present life being a teacher, arriving at his theory today. This is considered as brilliancy at its peak, from this African-American teacher. He has come to the knowledge that being a teacher is more than impacting “book knowledge” into children, but also to be able to lead them to the “promised land” of their lives, which is not only parents’ duty.

Every black teacher must come to this knowledge to help curb poverty and hood life on black kids. Let’s give the black community a brighter future.

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