Flint Water Crisis: Black Citizens Most Affected

A 116-page report on the Flint Water Crisis reveals the “long-lasting” and “disproportionate” damage caused by the crisis to black communities.

The report was issued out on Wednesday at the meeting with Gov. Snyder. It concluded that the government failed to give address the situation.

Since the crisis started in April 2014, black neighborhoods have been the most affected areas. These neighborhoods filed complaint about the water poisoning to the government officials on several occasions but they were ignored because of their race and poverty.

The report describes how black communities have “suffered injustice” because the lack of actions from local and state officials. One member of the board who wrote the report on the water crisis said, “Environmental injustice is not about overt acts of racism, it’s not about motivation, it’s not about deliberate attacks on a certain population group. It’s about equal treatment.”

The review board made suggestions concerning environmental regulations to be clarified, and methods of assessing information from the governor’s office.

Many black homes have been damaged beyond repairs as the result of lead poisoning of drinking water which occurred after officials changed water source to the Flint River.


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