Ex-State Trooper Kills 2 And Gets Killed In An Attempted Robbery

A 26-year police veteran killed a security personnel and a booth worker on Sunday, in an unsuccessful robbery, which led to his own death.

55-year-old Clarence Briggs, who retired in 2012 after serving 26 years in the state police service, was killed brutally by state troopers shortly after he gunned down 55-year-old Danny Crouse and 72-year old Ron Heist, who were carrying out their duties at a toll booth yesterday in Pennsylvania.

The two, Heist and Crouse were confronted by Briggs some minutes to 7 a.m. ET at the Fort Littleton toll booth, some 105 km from Harrisburg. Crouse was only on post as toll booth worker for three months as Heist was a contracted security man for the turnpike commission.

Reports have it that Briggs came up to the toll center with a weapon and forced Crouse and another worker into a nearby building. Briggs reportedly tried to bundle the two together as they broke free. It was at that time when Heist pulled up in a fare collection vehicle. At that moment, Briggs shot Heist and Crouse and ordered Heist’s vehicle’s driver to flee on foot. He then drove a short distance and begun unloading an undisclosed amount into his car. However, Briggs attempted robbery proved futile as he was engaged in a shooting with troopers who attended to the shooting. Briggs lost his life in the gunfire. It hasn’t been disclosed how many shots were fired.

Investigations are ongoing to find out exactly what made the former law officer commit such a crime.

Logan has since vowed on behalf of the governor and state officials to go all extents and discharge necessary resources to probe further into this tragedy.

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