Officials Refuse To Take The Blame For Flint Water Crisis

State, city and federal officials claim they're not responsible for poisoning innocent residents of Flint.

Flint residents have been waiting for answers since 2014. Lives of innocent people were ruined. Flint’s water became contaminated with lead, a deadly neurotoxin that can cause long-term health problems including brain damage, behavioral troubles, anemia and kidney problems even in small doses. Elevated levels of lead have been found in children’s blood.

Who’s responsible for this genocide against Flint residents and black people in particular? State, city and federal officials, all seated next to each other testifying before Congress Tuesday, didn’t want to take any blame for poisoning the people. Instead, each of them claimed they did nothing wrong and were unjustly criticized.

In 2014 city officials had assured everyone that the water was fine. Moreover, Flint residents had to pay the highest water bill, that was $864.32 yearly. It’s three times national average of $316.20 for government utilities.

Officials denied responsibility and simply blamed each other.

What a bunch of liars! If nobody wants to take the blame, then all of them should be held accountable for their actions. In fact, all of them are responsible for this. The government seems to care only when it comes to protecting the lives and health of white Americans. Would something like this happen in a majority-white city? Probably not.

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