Praising Zac Posen Approach To Diversity – Models Of Color!

The world acclaimed fashion designer takes a stand to stand the odds and promote models of color.

February’s New York Fashion Week saw a great deal of designers and models flawlessly exhibiting style and fashion in a perfect way.

Out of the lot of models, one designer stood out with his predominant models of color, who flogged his shows with perfectness.

Fashion Elite Zac Posen has gained popularity amongst most designers for his pertinent approach and appreciation of models of color. It is a widely known fact that the current fashion industry doesn’t patronize models of color. Neither does modern fashion promote diversity amongst models in the industry.

It comes as no surprise really as Zac is originally inspired by Princess Elizabeth of Toro, the first ever Black woman to be admitted to the English bar.

Zac has not only proved his support for Black models by featuring them in his shows, but he was also seen in a photograph with a big black hand bag by Ashley Chew reading blindingly the inscriptions “Black Models Matter”.

This act by Zac needs commending and appraisal, all in the aim of championing black models and models of color.

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