“Black Lives Matter My Ass; Fucking N***ers,” Officer Says On The Radio

A Chicago police officer was heard on radio during a conversation using the “F” and “N” words on Black Lives Matter.

On Saturday morning, after the campaign of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was postponed due to protests and clashes, a racial Chicago Police Officer was engaged in a radio conversation with a dispatcher and was heard referring to the BLM as “Fucking Niggers”.

The conversation seemed to be a bit earlier, according to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher was heard saying “it’s too early to be bothering you.”

A co-cop was heard asking the dispatcher, “How many boyfriends do you have?”

“Why you all in my Kool-Aid? Why you over here?” The dispatcher asked.

“You can answer that again,” and a muffled voice said something that sounded like, “You got busted over the air again,” which was a voice from one of the cops on the radio.

In a blink of an eye, a voice bumped, “Typical F**king N***ers.”

“Black Lives Matter my Ass. “F”….”N”…The voice said.

This is someone who swore to protect and guard the nation and its citizen irrespective of race or color with his life and clearly showing racism in the highest order. This is exactly how white American cops think about Africa-Americans. Hypocrisy has always been their code.

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