Florida Faces Trial For Poor Education Of Minorities

Education Attorneys blame Florida for unfair education funding practices.

Poor performance of local students is compelling the state of Florida to reconsider its approach to financing education. Citizens for Strong Schools organization and representatives of the state are expected to give an account on what happened during the previous academic years which lead to such bad performance.

The director of the Center for Urban Education, Richard Milner, will be the Counsel for the litigant. This is what he told Miami Herald: “Schools In Florida are largely still not integrated, with rich white communities providing far better education than poor black schools. There are still major inequities in public education in Florida, and this lawsuit threatens to expose that.”

Others are also saying that authorities are breaching a 1998 constitution amendment which requires the education in Florida to be predominant and supreme.

Citizens for Strong Schools said there was an error in the provision of financial support to local schools. They explained it noting that Florida received the list of government funds available for school pupils.

If the judge sitting on this case rules in favor of the plaintiff, authorities may have to change the face of the educational funding and implement other measures to create straight path for all students.

Moreover, this could become a benchmark for new educational reforms throughout the country.


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