Lead Poisoning: A Threat To Our Right For Life, A Crime Against Our Kids

An article titled, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid,” which suggested ways to cope with systemic racism and poverty to ensure a vivid path to success, was written by Gene Marks in Forbes five years ago.

Marks highlighted in his article that to guarantee the “best grades possible,” he would be obliged to “use free technology available to help me study.”

On the one hand, a glance at the essay allows to set a perfect example for people who are unaware of the true racist scourge in our society especially the devastating news of Flint Environmental Racism – poisonous lead in the water. His recommendations are only perfect for like-minded folks.

On the other hand, for folks who predominantly experience this true socioeconomic reality it is a way to personal improvements. For Blacks, his words are no longer enough to express how the reality.

The unimaginable facts concerning black children including new born babies and adults, especially pregnant and nursing mothers being consciously poisoned with lead-water shows the reality of a clear genocide against people of color in areas like West Philadelphia.
Contrary to Marks’ opinion that he would make reading his #1 priority, the harsh conditions that hamper an African child’s ability to concentrate, due to the lead-water poising and the excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting would somehow curtail if not destroy the “supposed #1 priority.”

Additionally, if Marks were a poor black child, developmental delays and learning disabilities brought on by the poisoning would equally play a role in rewriting his history – his dream.

Research affirmed that 7.7 percent of black children in America were impacted by lead poisoning – a number that has risen to 26.5 percent when focused just in the Glenville neighborhood of East Cleveland.

Most recently, a Newark school shut down because lead was detected in the school water fountain.

It is salient to stress that Mark is clueless about the reality of the ravaging black neighborhoods neglected by state and federal funding with terrible infrastructure maintenance, police brutality, racism and the soon to come effects of the lead poising that has ripped through homes.

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