You Make Me Sick Mr. White

What are the causes of Black man’s stress in America? What are the effects? Is it preventable?

There are so many reasons why Blacks particularly in America are more stressed; from being unhappy at work to police brutal killings of loved ones. They work for long hours and face racial discrimination from co-workers. At the end of the day they return home with the only wish to see their beloved ones but sometimes they are gone forever. Young women get raped by those who are supposed to provide them safety.

The Black man’s freedom is ceased because he cannot go for a walk at night; he risks being shot every time he goes outside. He can’t have a toy gun, he’s dead. A black student is forced to remove his hair or his’s not welcomed in the school. A black man is harassed or threatened at work. With all these, we become physically sick.

After antagonizing us, Mr. White, we become depressed. We get high blood pressure, heart attacks and our body drains. A survey from the American Psychological Association shows that racism literally makes people older. Now you see, you make us sick and old.

So what do you suggest? Should we go for stress management programs? Definitely not, you should get some lectures about Black lives Matter. You should stop killing unarmed black men. Also stop the rape and be a better Cop.

Share this message and help build a better society.

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