Four SFPD Cops Found Not Guilty In The Death Of College Student

A federal jury decided that there was no excessive force when four cops fatally shot a college student in a barrage of 59 gunshots in 30 seconds.

Yesterday, a federal jury concluded that four SFPD officers didn’t use unconstitutional excessive force when they fatally shot a 28-year-old Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, a college student, in a city park in 2014.

They shot him in a barrage of 59 gunshots in 30 seconds, after he allegedly pointed what they thought was a handgun at them, but turned out to be a taser stun gun. Nieto carried a stun gun because he worked as a security guard.

Witnesses say that the student had his hands in his pockets when the police started shooting. Attorneys for Nieto’s family also claim that he never pointed his gun at the police.

The parents’ lawyer, Adante Pointer, told the jury during his closing argument that the officers robbed Nieto’s parents of “years they might have spent with their son” by failing to come up with a tactical approach to determine whether he was in fact carrying a gun.

Deputy City Attorney Margaret Baumgartner thinks that the officers had no choice but to shoot him, because their lives were in danger.

The victim’s family should move for a new trial, because there is nothing in this case that could be used to justify the actions of the cops.

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