“Cooking Soup Nearly Ended Me In Jail,” 86-Year-Old Man Says

John Antoine, 86, files a lawsuit against the city police for a wrongful arrest.

86-year-old John Antoine, who resides in Brooklyn, says police invaded in his home and zapped him with a Taser while he was in his kitchen cooking his meal.

On October 14, Antoine was in the kitchen with a knife in his hands as he was in the process of cooking, when police budged into his apartment. According to the police, the chase was on a 23-year-old boyfriend of Antoine’s granddaughter who was mentally disturbed.

The police, sighting the man with knife, without order or questioning tasered him and arrested because he was a threat since there was a knife in his hands. This is the dubious excuse of the police for doing what they did.

John Antoine has been acquitted of charges and a sum of $5M dollars is expected to compensate him for an unlawful arrested and misconduct by the police force.

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