Pregnant Woman And Unborn Baby Killed In “Planned” Execution

A night party turns bloody when two unknown gunmen plan and execute 6 at suburban Pittsburgh cookout.

Yesterday March 10, at around 11 pm, neighbors were waken by screams as two unidentified cold blooded gunmen strategically planned and performed a deadly shooting in Wilkinsburg at a family cookout, leaving five and an unborn baby dead.

During a press conference, District Attorney Stephen Zappala told reporters that the murders were planned. “They were calculated, brutal,” he said.

The shooters who planned the ambush with at least 2 intended targets have since fled and haven’t been identified.

25-year-old Pregnant Chanetta Powell with a baby due in May this year was one of the victims together with Shada Mahone, 26, Tina Shelton, 37, and siblings Jerry Shelton, 35, Brittany Powell, 27, police reported.

Other critical injuries recorded by the police at the scene include LaMont Shelton, Tina Shelton’s relative. Interestingly, all victims were related somehow, cousins and siblings.

The shooting took place at a time when the merry makers were playing cards and cooking. The shots were fired from a .40-caliber pistol from an alley and a high-velocity .762-caliber rifle, as the second gunman came from behind a chain-like fence, killing 4 more.

Children present at the party were inside the house when the shooting place and were not harmed. About 50 shell casings were found at the shooting scene by police.

A $20,000 reward has been set for any information that will lead to a possible arrest of the killers.

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