Chris Meloni: ‘The Stain of Slavery Permeates Almost All of Our Interactions’

According to him, America still lives with upshots of slavery today.

Chris Meloni is an actor and recently staring in a new slave thriller “Underground,” which is a series produced by the John Legend-executive. Tonight its premiere is expected on WGN America where Meloni portrays as August Pullman, a single father with his own secrets.

Even though slavery was abolished in the U.S. in 1865, Meloni feels America is living with the upshots of slavery today.

“The issue of race is…something we have yet to figure out and I think the stain of slavery permeates almost all of our interactions,” he told ABC News. “It’s almost like (post-traumatic stress disorder) PTSD.”

After his recent trip to London, here was what he observed:
“I was recently in London and this…literally was a slap in the face,” Meloni, 54, recalled. “I found myself watching whites and blacks engaging in the…easiest manner and there was something — it was natural. That’s what it felt like. There’s a naturalness and I kept seeing it. You’d see a white guy [with a] black girl, and you didn’t know who they were. Were they friends? Were they colleagues? Were they lovers? And to me at least, [it felt like] they don’t have the patina. They don’t have the residue of slavery.”

These close observations are true, and yet here we stand at each other’s throat in America with racial discrimination all over the nation. However, we are a country and a people with diverse racial backgrounds than any other country in the world. Until we treat one another with respect and dignity, there’s always going to be something missing.

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