The Racial Pay Gap Needs Your Attention

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has promised to treat all workers equal by eliminating pay bias in his company.

For the past years, little or no attention is going to the racial pay gap. Apparently it needs to be addressed on. While the gender pay gap has slowly narrowed over the past decade, the gap between what whites and blacks make in the U.S. has actually grown.

Discrimination is a major factor today in work places when it comes to equality on pay role. Bias against African-Americans and other minorities makes it more difficult to get the same opportunities to get higher-paying jobs or promotions. It means that even if you get the job, you might make less money based on your skin color.

Danielle Brown is the chief diversity officer for Intel Company. In his interview with HuffPost, he said even though Intel has made diversity an aim over the past years, he feels it’s not enough compared to over 4.5 percent of African-American talents. Brown said only 3.5 percent of its workers are African-Americans, according to the company’s report on diversity in 2015, and to him that is unfortunate.

“We’ve paid a lot of attention to this,” Brown said. “We wanted to show the industry that this is an important issue, and by sharing our data we hope it leads the way for others to share, too.”

Krzanich, speaking at an event supporting equality in Beverly Hills, California said, “We’re scared to death.” He emphasized he was committed to fixing whatever disparities the company’s internal data team turns up. “You get the data and do something,” he said. Intel will reveal the results at the end of the year.

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