African-Americans Make A Choice Between Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders

Would they feel the Bern and vote for Sanders, or they’ll stay with their old friend, Hillary Clinton?

After more than a generation on the national stage, Hillary Clinton has become a household name. Her work over the years has become common knowledge — particularly among all the blacks. Following her resignation as Secretary of State, Clinton positioned herself as President Obama’s heir apparent.

However, Bernie Sanders, the junior United States Senator from Vermont, has posed some great challenges to Clinton’s bid for the democratic presidential nomination.

Until recently, little was known about Sanders in the African American community. However, his record as a young activist of the Civil Rights Movement has drawn attentions from many Civil Right Movement veterans. He has been hailed as someone who has been there through thick and thin.

While he has spoken of being arrested during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, his plea for votes has focused on economic inequality.

The Clintons have for decades enjoyed the love and admiration of Black Americans. They have been embraced by the African-American community as a couple who have worked against racial prejudice and presided over economic prosperity in the 1990s that greatly favored blacks.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign benefited immensely from the popularity of her husband among black Americans – Former President Bill Clinton supported affirmative action and appointed a record number of African Americans to his cabinet.

However, the Clintons’ record is not without blemish — Bill Clinton’s welfare reform and crime bill are blamed for record incarceration rates which have disproportionately affected blacks.

As we move to Mississippi and Michigan, which both have sizable African American communities, we are again about to witness the power of the African-American voter.
Would they feel the Bern and vote for Sanders, or they’ll stay with their old friend, Hillary Clinton?

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