Video Of Black Man’s Arrest For Jaywalking Triggers Investigation

A viral video showing a black man being arrested on a city street for jaywalking puts Cincinnati police in the spotlight.

Cincinnati police are in the spotlight after a viral video showed a black man being arrested on a city street for jaywalking.

Charles ‘Chris’ Harrell, 29, filmed a police officer following him on a bike as he returned home from getting his morning coffee. Harrell shared a video of the Feb. 6 arrest on his Facebook page last week.

The video, which has had over 3,000 shares, has finally drawn the attention of the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD). The CPD released a statement addressing the incident saying “all citizen concerns and complaints [are taken] seriously.”

“As such, the incident is under investigation by both the Internal Investigations Unit of the Cincinnati Police Department and the Citizen Complaint Authority, which provides a neutral, independent review of the incident,” Police Chief Eliot K. Isaac said in the statement.

“We are committed to transparency and will provide further information once we have allowed both the criminal trial and the administrative investigations to run their course,” the statement said.

After watching the video of the confrontation, Sgt. Daniel Hils of the city’s Fraternal Order of Police said that, he does not believe the officer involved did anything wrong.

“I saw Mr. Harrell cross against the light,” Hils said.

“I am also aware Officer Osterman smelled burned Marijuana before Mr. Harrell crossed against the light and that is what caused Officer Osterman’s attention towards Mr. Harrell. Mr. Harrell was heard being belligerent and Officer Osterman remained professional. I did not witness any police misconduct,” he added.

Harrell was charged with jaywalking, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and drug possession from the incident. He has pleaded guilty to the drug possession charge and not guilty to the other three charges.

According to court records, his lawyer, tried to get those charges dismissed but was denied.

Harrell is being held without bond until the March 8 hearing. He now five faces charges, including a new charge of indirect contempt for taking photographs of police officers inside the Hamilton County Courthouse on March 1, as well as the.

As we fight to end police profiling, brutalization and killing of black men, we hope the investigation by the CPD yields positive outcomes and not business as usual!

Here is the video of the confrontation taken by Chris Harrell. See for yourselves how wrong the police are.

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