Mother Of Gregory Gunn Wants Officer To Come To Funeral

A black man Gregory Gunn, 58, was shot dead by white police officer Aaron Smith, 23, in the early hours of Thursday last week.

The mother of the deceased, Nellie Ruth Gunn, wants the Alabama police officer who shot her son Greg to attend her son’s coming funeral ceremony.

“I want (the officer) to go to church with me,” she said. “If it can’t be done, then well done and well good. But God knows and heaven knows.”

Officer Aaron Smith was arrested and charged with murder by the Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey on Wednesday last week.

“As district attorney, I will do everything in my power to protect a police officer who is operating within the law,” Bailey said. “I will also use every ounce of my power to prosecute a police officer who is acting outside the law.”

“I’m pretty sure my uncle is smiling down that justice has been served,” Aaryn Jordan told WSFA. “Right is right, and wrong is wrong.”

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