Newly Released Audio Captures Fla. Woman’s Dying Words after She Was Forced from Hospital and Arrested

Barbara Dawson was forced to leave the hospital after she had refused, complaining about not feeling well, only to collapse in the parking lot and die 90 minutes later.

Newly released audio reveals that the 57-year-old was in apparent distress, so she didn’t want to leave the Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown, Fla. “No, no, no, no,” Dawson could be heard saying repeatedly to the officer in the clip that family attorneys released.

“Please don’t let me die!” she added, insisting that she couldn’t breathe.

Nonetheless, she was escorted outside, where she collapsed and lay for nearly 20 minutes before she was taken back into the hospital.

Family members, however, are not satisfied with those answers and are considering legal action against the hospital and the local police. When asked why Dawson was discharged, family attorney Benjamin Crump said that there were no answer there, either.

“We haven’t got a reason at all,” he said. “They haven’t said anything, other than she was stabilized and she was discharged, so she had to leave.”

This is an awful situation. The hospital didn’t protect their patient and after several complaints to the policemen that came to get her out had no compassion for this 57-year-old woman. Reports show that the hospital staff had called the police several times since 2006 over alleged disturbance involving Dawson.

The poor woman’s family should be heavily compensated and justice granted her for the assault of the policemen who accelerated her death.

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