Consent Decree Sent to Fergusson by the Justice Department

The need to accept the Consent Decree sent to Fergusson City by the Department of Justice has brought hopes, as the DOJ shows its readiness to litigate the lawsuit against the city.

Last month the Fergusson City Council voted to accept the consent decree negotiated with the DOJ over 26 weeks last year, but only if it included seven amendments.

A letter issued on Friday by the Department of Justice has reached the office of Ferguson Mayor, James Knowles III.

The Justice department has affirmed its readiness to drop a lawsuit against the city on condition that Fergusson City Council approves a proposed agreement to reform its police department and court.

According to the head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta, the federal government is willing to go on with the lawsuit, if the St. Louis suburb does not approve the deal in its initial form.

In addition, the letter declines the notion that a provision requiring Ferguson to provide the police with competitive salaries means they and all city workers get 25 percent raises.

According to Gupta, “we have always been clear that the salary provision neither requires any specific salary increase nor prohibits increases from being implemented over a reasonable time period.”

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