“Black Men only Community” Proposed by the University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is constructing a unique apartment for those who are recognized as African-American males, as a way to improve retention and graduation rates. Critics are calling the idea "racially segregated shelter."

As part of Learning Community Program, the University of Connecticut is constructing an extraordinary apartment for students who are described as African-American males. This is a way to cling to Black males who are leaving the university due to racial annotations from colleague white students. Critics are however calling the plan of the university “a form of racial segregation”.

The Scholars House- which represents Scholastic House of Leaders who are African –American researchers and scholars, is an initiative to groom, discipline, and train the successors.

A professor of educational psychology at UConn Dr. Erik clarified that, African-American men graduate at lower rate and with lower grades compared to their peers, which is result of racial insults and abuse from whites. He went on to state that the school has no single aim of racially disconnecting black males as critics say, but instead a way to help African-American leave the university with better grades.

Reuben Pierre-Louis one of the black male students said “Wow, it’s been a real struggle says. “I’ll be perfectly honest; it’s been a real struggle. Everything was just like a blur, I didn’t know anybody … It’s like being dropped in the middle of nowhere, I was like, ‘OK I’m here, and here I am. I don’t know anybody.”

He went on to say that he personally thinks this act is an act in the right direction, and urges other black students to make good use of the great opportunity given them by the school. He also commended authorities of the school for their great job.

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