Salt Lake City protesters say, ‘Stop killing Black people!’

Protestors rallied on Monday night at the Library Square in downtown Salt Lake, demanding justice for Abdullahi Omar Mohammed.

Questions about why police shot and critically wounded a 17-year-old Somali refugee in Salt Lake City grew Monday as civil rights groups called for answers and several hundred protesters took the streets holdings signs that read, “Stop killer cops.”

Mohamed, 17-year-old teen, who lives with his girlfriend and their son, fled Somalia before moving to the U.S. from Kenya 10 years ago.

According to the police, the officers told him to drop his weapon. A witness said he was asked by the officers once, and before he could put his weapon down, shots

were already fired. “They fired four times and he was hit in the chest and stomach.” Another witness said Mohammed was already on the ground after the first shot when shots continued to be fired at his body.

Charley Hyde and Kaylee Peterson came to the rally holding cardboard cutouts in the shapes of guns with the words “Don’t shoot”. They said they’re fed up with officer’s inability to deescalate or use non-lethal force.

“They need retraining,” Peterson said. “Whatever happened to Tasers? Whatever to rubber bullets? Whatever happened to shooting shots in the sky as a warning?”

The police have refused to release camera footage of the incidence but the spokesman of the Islam community, Ibrahim Hooper has demanded for the release of the camera footage to avoid making the same mistake Chicago police made in waiting more than a year to release footage of a black teenager shot 16 times by a police officer.

“Why are police wearing video and we can’t see it?” Koffi said. “If they’re right, let’s see it.”

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