Police Shot Naked Woman In Her Bed After She Complied With Them

Police shot a woman dead after waking her up from her sleep and ordered her to show them a gun.

On March 26, 2015, three police officers, Robert Huff, Justin Mohney, and Jeff Breneman visited Deanne Choate in the evening after they had a 911 call from Andrew Musto, Choate’s boyfriend around 9:45pm.

Andrew claimed that earlier that evening he and Choate went for a drink and had a fight. They went back home and the fight continued there and then there were gunshots later. He told the police that Choate had was suicidal and possessed a gun.

The police showed up after some minutes and handcuffed Andrew and took him away from the house.

They bugged into Choate’s room where she was sleeping naked but covered with sheets.
The cops woke her up and asked “Where is the gun?” a couple of times. They searched under the sheets but found no weapon.

After giving Choate something to wear they still kept on asking her where the gun was. Choate found the gun and as she lifted the blanket and got up one of the cops shouted “Drop the gun” and shot her to death.

Choate was shot twice in the chest and once in her abdomen.

The police could have found the gun themselves if they had searched, but rather they decided to shoot her after she found it.

There was a video footage from the police officer’s body cams which the police tried to bury, and later pay Choate’s family off.

A complaint has been filed by Michele Choate’s and she is suing Gardner, Kansas and the three police officers for the death of her mother.

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