Why Chester Resident Wears A White Robe And Holds Confederate Flag In Colonial Heights

An organizer of the National Association for Awakening Confederate Patriots stood in front of the Colonial Heights War Memorial in a KKK robe waving a Confederate flag.

It is unclear what message exactly he was sending to the media. When he was asked, he said “I’m exercising my First Amendment right.” He couldn’t give additional information about why he was waving the controversial flag and wearing the robe.

According to the Progress Index, there was an unidentified guy nearby Rogers holding a cardboard claiming “F – k this guy” and showing an arrow pointing at Rogers.

The unnamed man couldn’t give his identity because he was worried the Rogers’ group would retaliate. He said he was there to give an alternate viewpoint to Rogers’ demo.

Report says that these two men grew up together as friends, but their political drives took different directions over time.

The police got to the scene later, but their response was not satisfactory. They Left all parties to continue as before.

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