Morgan Taylor’s Book, “Daddy’s Little Princess,” Introduces African Princesses

Morgan Taylor, a second grader, writes a book which introduces real life Princesses and Queens of color from all over the world.

This awe-inspiring book was written by Morgan Taylor, a 6-year-old second grader, and co-authored by G. Todd Taylor, a formal educator.

It was mainly written to boost self-confidence of Black children and to inform them who they are. According to Morgan, “every little girl should believe she’s a princess”.
Since its release, Daddy’s little princess has been featured on national radio programs and in local publications.
This is very remarkable for a young girl at her age to start inspiring her peers. She sure has a bright future and would be the limelight in her generation.

Morgan is right to go by the motto, “Rock Your Crown” because black is beautiful and honorable. She has been rocking hers and encouraging others to do same.

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