Hispanic Teens Attacked At LA Family Park by Knife-Wielding Racists Screaming ‘Heil Hitler’

Mentally disordered white supremacists on Sunday attacked a family and Hispanic teens at a public park in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department said a 911 call was made around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday from people at the vicinity, reporting an attack by white insane men at the Stephen Sorensen Park, ABC 7 News and NBC Los Angeles reported.

According to the police, these white supremacists were screaming “Heil Hitler” and racial slurs and waving a wallet with a confederate flag as they dawned on these three Hispanic teens.

“They just started beating them up,” said the father of the family. “They started coming towards us, and they pulled out some knives, and they were saying they would kill us.”

These people pulled out knives and threatened the family which tried to intervene in the situation, according to the police.

Upon knowing that the police was on their way, they fled, but the coward amongst them was captured by the men around and held in custody until the police arrived.

The good news was that there were no injuries or death. The police are investigating the matter.

The attack was in connection with the KKK; hence five of the members have been arrested for their involvement since the just attack came one day after a Ku Klux Klan rally in nearby Anaheim turned violent.

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