Vice Chancellor Of Missouri University Against Black Activist Movement

Missouri Diversity Director, Chuck Henson in an Open letter tried to rebuke Black activists movement.

There have been a couple of controversies as the newly appointed interim vice Chancellor for Missouri University Chuck Henson wrote an unopened letter making known his disagreement with the black activist movement.

An activist group of concerned students who helped force out President Wolfe has also made known to the authorities their request which is solely in correspondence with previous requests that were not met. Some of these requests included a call for an academic bankruptcy program, an expansion in the black faculties and the erection of a monument in commemoration of civil right activist like Lloyd Gainess.

In an open Letter obtained from the Columbia Missourian Friday, Chuck Henson stated, “If you sincerely want better relationships, the time for demands, threats and arbitrary deadlines is over,you don’t need them,” said Chuck Henson, who was appointed as MU’s interim vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity following massive campus protests last fall.

He also said the group didn’t present their views in the appropriate manner and also made it known that some of these views are absolutely impossible. He also made it known that the school is faced with problems like employing of new stuffs and admitting of student.

Chuck, however, urges the students to organize working groups by themselves where they can help to transform in other to reduce the work load on the authorities.
But he made it clear that he totally disagree with any form of association, referring to the black activist movement.

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