Teacher Allegedly Assaults Student Who Refused To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

A Michigan teacher has been placed on leave after trying to force a student to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Stone Chaney had just started his first week of sixth grade, according to WDIV, when, on Sept. 7, the teacher laid hands on him.

“The teacher consultant comes up behind me and snatches me out of my chair violently,” Stone said. “I was so confused. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Stone said that he had chosen not to stand because he doesn’t “pledge to a flag.”

“I pledge to God and family,” Stone said.

The superintendent of Farmington Public Schools has since released a statement to WDIV saying that the incident is under investigation.

“The District fully supports the right of each student to participate or not in the daily Pledge. The teacher allegedly involved in the incident has been placed on administrative leave. At this time, the District cannot speculate about the outcome of the pending investigation,” the statement read.

In the meantime, Stone’s family is looking at other options as to where to send him to school. They said that they will likely pull Stone out of the district entirely.

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