This Mom Went In On A CNN Reporter For Exploiting Texans At Their Most Vulnerable

A Houston resident displaced by Hurricane Harvey made a heartbreaking statement during a live interview with CNN on Tuesday.

News coverage from Hurricane Harvey has showed the country the destruction and terrible flooding that has displaced many Houston residents. Although the cameras have been recording around the clock, one mother says enough is enough.

During a broadcast on CNN, a reporter talked to a mother who appeared to be in a shelter or refuge center. As the unidentified mother discussed the hardships she has endured to provide food for her family, she criticized the reporter for pointing a camera in people’s face when they are suffering.

Upon seeing the clip many people applauded the woman and agreed the media should give displaced Texans some space.

“The media doesn’t have to be all in your damn face with these cameras neither, asking rhetorical questions every second. Just record the surroundings but get the microphones out of our faces. This is like the 4th interviewer getting cursed out and not just by Black people,” wrote @chocolate_ta on Instagram.

Yet some believed the reporter was doing her job and should not be criticized for covering a story.

“Are y’all serious? Y’all still watching the news tho… you’re still posting which means you still wanna see what’s happening. Yes this is a horrible situation in Texas, absolutely but as journalist we do our job to report the story and what’s happening,” commented

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