Your Voices: On White People Misuse Of Term Nonviolence

Is nonviolence still a thing or was it buried by white people like other things in our country?

Why do America absolutely LOVE to over stress NONVIOLENCE when we live in THE MOST VIOLENT, IMMORAL, UNJUST country in the world?

Our country speak asthough people living in poverty isn’t violent and they are there because they either want to be or choose to be there, NO THEY ARE ZONED AND IT IS LEGISLATED.

Our country speak on our homeless population asthough it isn’t violent and allow them to be treated asthough they don’t need dignity and that you too are blind towards the dilapidated buildings that’s surround us but money need to be poured into ENTERTAINMENT in stead of humanity, YEP THAT IS THE AMERICAN WAY. IT IS ZONED AND LEGISLATED.

Our country speak like the hunger epidemic that plague POOR BLACK AND BROWN citizens is not violent and it can’t be eradicated if we didn’t waste so much and the parents weren’t overlooked for reputable employment. IT IS ZONED AND LEGISLATED.

Our country speak like education malpractice isn’t violent and also like POOR BLACK AND BROWN areas are being legislated high quality education and students are able to learn in a safe learning environment that cater to their innate gifts and talents. NO, IT IS ZONED AND LEGISLATED.

Our country speak like 12 Years A Slave was “just” a movie and not an ignorant POOR BLACK AND BROWN child education attainment in America.

Our country speak like when these educators who come into our inner cities in America totally oblivious of poverty, the culture, and the language and actually are paid GOOD SALARIES to criminalize poverty and mess up the lives of our POOR BLACK AND BROWN future, these things are NOT violent?

Our country speak like POOR BLACK AND BROWN children should reside in communities full of community hazardous waste, chemicals that cause bronchial issues before they take their first steps.

And you scream NONVIOLENCE?

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