Racist Soap Dispensers – Myth or True?

The idea of racist soap dispensers might sound absurd but a now viral video proves the opposite.

Metro News reports that an African-American guest at a sci-fi convention in Atlanta did a test at the Atlanta Marriott, along with his white friend, to prove the soap dispensers would not recognise dark skin.


T.J. Fitzpatrick, the author of the video told tech website Mic: ‘I wasn’t offended, but it was so intriguing, like ‘Why is it not recognising me?’

‘I tried all the soap dispensers in that restroom, there were maybe 10, and none of them worked.


‘Any time I went into that restroom, I had to have my friend get the soap for me.’

Richard Whitney, from tech-company Particle, explained why soap dispensers and other technology have problems with darker skin types.

He said: ‘The soap dispenser uses near-infrared technology, which sends out invisible light from an infrared LED bulb for hands to reflect the light back to a sensor.’


‘The reason the soap doesn’t just foam out all day is because the hand acts to, more or less, bounce back the light and close the circuit.

‘If the reflective object actually absorbs that light instead, then the sensor will never trigger because not enough light gets to it.’


The whole story is quite funny of course, but there is one little but nasty detail: Black people are forced to live in a world created by whites and for whites meaning it’s racist from the early start and the other part of the story is that this world is not ready to change even a smallest detail to become more tolerant.




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