Police Sergeant to face up to 14 years for ordering beatings of minors in cuffs

The officers under investigation claimed they were ordered to beat up the minors for no serious reasons.

A police sergeant of the Dekalb County, Police Sgt. Anthony Robinson is facing a 14-year prison term for ordering the battering and beating of minors who were in his custody.

Executing the beatings were two officers under him, officer Blake Norwood and Arthur parker, who were ordered to beat four suspects different times.
One of the victims, Travarrius Williams, in a report to Channel 2 told how he was brutally beaten during his retrain after an arrest.
He said, “They were punching, kicking, stomping. They broke my teeth on the back of the windshield.”

“We don’t let people disrespect us like that in our house,” Robinson said, claiming William allegedly accused one of the officers for unlawfully arresting his, William’s, brother.

“That’s why black, young men really run from the police. We ain’t running because we did something, we’re running because we’re scared they’re gonna beat us, shoot us. When people get high authority, they feel like they’ve got power over anybody, so the Police Department’s really like another game,” Williams said.

One officer witnessed the brutality and filed a report against the officers.
Officers Norwood, during the investigations, surprisingly told on Officer Robinson and told investigators about occasions where he was commanded to beat up suspects in cuffs, one including incident including three young men between the ages of 15 and 16.

Norwood told investigators. “Williams never did anything to us. We beat him because we were told to beat him by Sgt. Robinson, because he was being disrespectful.”
Officers Norwood and Parker since pleaded and in exchange for a probation term, went in a deal to testify against Robinson.

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