Viral Video: Cops Arrest Black Man On His Own Property

A viral video posted on Facebook shows Ashton Smallwood and his friends being arrested for trespassing right in the district where Ashton lives.

Ashton Smallwood, a resident at the Reflections Apartment complex in Lawrenceville, decided to have a birthday party by the complex’s pool.  He got the official permission from the leasing office, ordered the pool maintenance company to service the pool and so on.

But hardly had the celebration began when Detective Nermin Cultarevic, Aston’s neighbour arrived and ordered them to leave. No arguments could persuade him.

The birthday party attendees tried to stand the ground and called 911. But when on-duty police officers arrived they didn’t listen to any explanations, Smallwood and two of his friends were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

All three believe the arrests were racially motivated.  They claim that Cultarevic even lied to another police officer saying they were smoking pot. “My friend [Smallwood] has never smoked weed in his life,” one of Aston’s friends affirms.

Shauntelle Kindle, one of Smallwood’s friends, filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook hoping that the viral video would attract as much attention to the violation of Black people’s rights in America.


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