Contradictory Autopsy Results Reveal Police Shot Amilcar Perez In The Back

The San Francisco Police Department is under the spotlight after revelations from a second autopsy report prove that 22-year-old Perez was shot in the back four times by policemen.

The body of Guatemalan immigrant, Amiclar Perez, who was shot a year ago by San Francisco police, has successfully undergone a second autopsy and the results shockingly reveal what might be considered as conspiracy by the police to give true information.

Reports according to SFPD showed that Perez Lopez, last year, Feb 26, 2015, died after he was shot by two officers, who were not in uniform. Perez was said to have attacked these officers with a knife when he was shot.

However, a second autopsy reports claims otherwise. The independent autopsy report, which was commissioned by an attorney of Lopez’s family, shows that Perez Lopez was shot four times in the back, a shot in his arm and through the back of his head.

A civil rights lawsuit has since been served against the City, Suhr and officers involved in the shooting of Perez Lopez.
The significance of these new autopsy findings comes in light as it totally contradicts the initial autopsy results conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office.
William Simpich, an attorney in the civil rights suit and also a former neighbor of Perez commented:

“The problem is the way police responded to the situation,” Simpich said, adding that Perez Lopez was running away when the officers shot him. “They came from behind with no warning”

SFPD spokesperson has since declined to comment on the issue as investigations being conducted by the District Attorney’s office into the case is not over yet.

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