Her provocative Ballet Dance Hurts White Hypocrites

A Black student choreographer receives backlash from the white teachers offended by the ballet dance tackling police brutality.

The controversial ballet dance titled “Four Score and Seven Years Ago”, which was performed at Columbia High School was intended to raise awareness of slavery, racism and police brutality. It was choreographed to the Nina Simone song, “Strange Fruit.”

The dance was also accompanied by the statements concerning Black experiences.

The performance raised a lot of controversy among white school teachers who directed their aggression towards Kendi Whitaker, who was the choreographer of the dance and the author of the idea.

The reaction to the ballet dance forced  Kendi Whitaker, to address the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education Thursday. And the speech she made was just gorgeous.

It’s no surprise that white people suddenly start feeling uncomfortable when they have to face the reality they are a part of but the sooner they understand they are partners in crime with the system they support the better.

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