Chicago PD Brings Killer Cops Back To Work

Four Chicago PD officers involved in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald will soon be released of suspension.

Officers Daphne Sebastian, Janet Mondragon, Ricardo Viramontes, and Sgt. Stephen Franko are at the moment suspended, as the disciplinary hearing related to the death of an unarmed Black teen, Laquan McDonald, is pending. Somehow Chicago PD board came to the conclusion that this suspension violates their rights.

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The hearing is delayed and will take place only after the criminal trial awaiting Jason Van Dyke, who is facing murder charges.  As soon as the trial ends the hearing will decide whether Van Dyke’s accomplices should be fired.

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All four cops are accused of a cover-up, as they approved of the untrue statements in police reports (luckily those were disproved by the dashcam video footage of the incident).


Thus, Chicago PD is going to let liars and murder and murder accomplices be back to their work in law enforcement… Doesn’t that sound like madness to you?

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