New Google Project Explores Lynching In America

A Google project called 'Lynching in America' is devoted to the country's racist history.

Google, in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative, have launched a new project this Tuesday. The interactive site titled ‘Lynching in America has been developed on the basis of an 80-page publication by the EJI.

On the site of the Google project, you can find various audio and video material telling how huge was the impact of the horrible lynching practices on Black families. The main part of the project is an interactive map that shows the locations of actual lynchings, the profiles of the victims and the stories behind their deaths.

“Google has been able to take what we know about lynching, and what we have heard from the families, and what we have seen in the spaces and the communities where these acts of terror took place, and make that knowledge accessible to a lot more people,” said Bryan Stevenson, the founder of EJI. “To create a platform for hearing and understanding and seeing this world that we’ve lived through.”


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