Justice Served For Gynnya McMillen

Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice is going to close Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center where Gynnya McMillen was found dead, in mid-June.

On Jan. 11, 2016, Gynnya McMillen was taken to Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center to never be back home. Her death was a result of the use of brutal force and criminal negligence of the personnel.

juv4 juv5

“The staff performed an Aikido restraint hold to safely conduct a pat-down search and remove the youth’s hoodie. The purpose of having multiple staff involved in a controlled restraint is to ensure the safety of the youth and staff,” the official statement of the Lincoln Village claims. But somehow this very necessary move together with the failure of Reginald Windham, a supervisor at the detention center, to conduct timely bed checks caused the death of the young girl.

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Now after huge efforts by the activists the killer center will be closed.  The department explained the decision by statewide efforts to “consolidate operations and focus more resources on community-based interventions that better protect public safety.”


It’s a small but very important victory for the Black community. As African-American kids are at higher risk of detention than their white counterparts it is very important to eliminate institutions and personnel which pose threat to the health and lives of the minors.

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