Mike Brown Would Have Turned 21 Today

Mike Brown died a tragic death int the hands of police but what we should remember is that he wasn't the last one.

Mike Brown was 18.

Jordan Edwards was 15.

Tamir Rice was 12.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones was 7.

The list of the names of the Black kids, like Mike Brown, who will never celebrate their 21st birthdays, is too long. The close ones of these young men have only memories left of those who once were joyful brilliant young men with great future prospectives. And Black children continue to die and suffer in the hands of police officers that are never held accountable for their brutal actions. How long will it last? Nobody has the answer but the list is getting longer and longer.

In honor of Mike Brown’s 21st birthday on Saturday, May 20, and as a tribute to other Black  victims of police brutality 21-year-olds  and NBA players spoke about the impact of police violence on Black children. Watch below.

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