Betty Shelby Is Out Shooting

Betty Shelby is back to the police and we don't mean back behind bars...

No, your eyes and ears don’t play tricks on you. The killer cop, Betty Shelby, was allowed to return to the police force for active duty. The news was announced Friday by Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan. Jordan claimed that Shelby “will not be assigned in a patrol capacity.” Are they going to make her cause less harm this way?!


It happened though Shelby’s attorney Shannon McMurray Thurs stated that her client was not sure about returning to police force. “She’s going to self-guess herself and get herself killed or somebody else,” McMurray said.

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Tulsa Police Chief seems to think different. “We know we’ve had failings,” Jordan said. “We understand that, and we’re committed absolutely to making a better relationship where we ensure trust and ensure cooperation in our community.” An extremely interesting claim in view of the fact that Tulsa’s chapter of Black Lives Matter had called for Shelby to be fired.



It is extremely unclear how the jury came to its decision on Betty Shelby case and how Tulsa police found her safe enough to be back to work. Anyway, such officer on duty will not bring any safety to her city.

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